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Ron Sims: Links

Norman Adams … Ron's tutor at Manchester

Norman Adams was the leading British religious painter of the 20th century.

Although very spiritual, Norman was not by any conventional definition a Christian. He almost never went to church, and if he did it was for inspiration rather than instruction. He loved religion, and the inspirational art associated with it. If there was a religion that anybody could believe in, he could find it moving and gain inspiration from it. ⇒ | Tate Online | The Independent - Obituary

John Addyman … Ron's tutor at Colchester

John Addyman was an artist whose work analysed and recorded the structure of landscape and its context. His favourite medium was watercolour, but he was adept in many other media, notably ceramic. Wales and Suffolk were his particular inspirations. Addyman was generally acknowledged as one of the most accomplished landscape artists produced by Britain in the Twentieth Century. ⇒ The Independent - Obituary | The Hysterical Hystorian

Roderic Barrett … Ron's tutor at RAS

Roderic Barrett was a painter of great emotional, as well as formal, power, of rich symbolic suggestiveness and, above all, of deep humanity. During a career spanning six decades Barrett made around three hundred and fifty paintings. David Buckman described Barrett's paintings as "some of the most memorable and powerful pictures in 20th century British art". Barrett died in 2000. ⇒ Goldmark Gallery | Chappel Galleries | The Guardian - Obituary

Edward Bawden … Ron's tutor at Colchester, and RAS

Edward Bawden was an English printmaker, graphic designer, illustrator and painter. He studied at the School of Art in Cambridge (1918-22) and at the Design School of the Royal College of Art (1922-6), where he was a contemporary of Eric Ravilious and was taught by Paul Nash. Bawden, as painter, printmaker, draughtsman and graphic designer, was among Britain's most original artists. His unique vision of the world around him resulted in a style characteristic of an English eccentric. ⇒ Cecil Higgins Gallery | Tate Online

Peter Blake … Ron's tutor at Colchester, and RAS

Peter Blake is a painter of urban realist subjects and is one of the best-known British artists of his generation. Often referred to as the 'Godfather of Pop Art', Sir Peter Blake's images arose from a love affair with the icons and ephemera of popular culture, such as adverts, music hall entertainment and wrestlers, coupled with brilliant naturalistic techniques such as collage, drawing and painting. ⇒ The Guardian | Tate Online

Ralph Brown … Ron's tutor at Colchester

Brown came to national prominence in the late 1950s with his large-scale bronze group Meat Porters, commissioned for Harlow New Town, Essex. During the fifties Brown's work attracted much critical acclaim and was shown alongside his contemporaries Armitage, Turnbull and Paolozzi. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, when abstraction prevailed in British sculpture, Brown remained faithful to the human figure and he has long stood out among his contemporaries as the master of human anatomy. ⇒ | Royal Academy Schools | Cass Sculpture Foundation

Geoffrey Clarke … Ron's tutor at Colchester

Geoffrey Clarke's public career was launched with a group of major commissions for the new Coventry Cathedral. The projects included three stained glass windows for the nave, two altar crosses (including the one for the high altar), a large crown of thorns to be suspended over a third altar and a Flying Cross for the roof, put in place by helicopter in April 1962. ⇒ Royal Academy of Arts | Tate Online | Jesus College

Peter Coker … Ron's tutor at Colchester

Peter Coker was the outstanding landscape artist of his generation. Having been a member of the 'Kitchen Sink' school of painting in the 1950s, Coker turned increasingly to landscape, which preoccupied him for the rest of his life. His landscapes are often dark, strong and dramatic and characterised by free and expansive handling of paint. ⇒ Tate Online | The Guardian - Obituary

Ernest Alfred Dunn … Ron's tutor at RAS

Ernest Alfred Dunn is a printmaker, sculptor and teacher. He studied at Barnsley and Leeds Schools of Art prior to attending the Royal College of Art in London 1959-61, and later became senior tutor there. He also taught at the Ravensbourne College of Art in south east London and at the Royal Academy Schools. Alfred Dunn showed with the Redfern Gallery from 1965 and has exhibited widely in Germany and Italy. Eight of his prints are held in the Government Art Collection, and he is also represented in the collections of the British Council, Manchester City Art Gallery and the University of Warwick. ⇒ Government Art Collection | Retrosixty

Federation of British Artists (FBA ), registration information

This page on the Mall Galleries website contains information on how to register as an exhibitor at Federation of British Artists exhibitions.

Peter Greenham … Ron's tutor at RAS

PETER GREENHAM was a figurative painter of great distinction. His work was always based with conviction on traditional practices; it was both scholarly and sensitive and, like himself, totally without showiness or pretension. Peter Greenham's favourite song was "Non, je ne regrette rien", his favourite face was Greta Garbo's. His favourite ambition was to leave one really good drawing behind him, like, say Gericault's man leaning out backwards from the raft of the Medusa. Though wary of the pitfalls of success he was rapturous each time he sold a painting. He endorsed F.E. Jackson's remark "You can't do things and get the credit for them. Getting credit is a full time job." ⇒ The Independent - Obituary | Tate Online

Nigel Henderson … Ron's tutor at Colchester

Nigel Henderson was a documentary and experimental photographer and artist. He didn't want to make his name or change the world like his younger friends. His images were simply a psychological scrapbook to reassure himself, at a time of personal and social disruption, "a small private vision," he said, "in praise of the world as far as I can sense it, and make some sense of it." ⇒ Tate Online | The Guardian | The Independent Group

Joseph Herman … Ron's tutor at Colchester

Born in 1911, Josef Herman grew up in Warsaw, leaving in 1938 for Brussels, where he came under the influence of the Belgian expressionists. Herman's range is broad: still lifes and portraits mingle with working people and the mother and child motif. Seeking the truths of human experience, while expressing his abiding passion for landscape and townscape. In 1981 he was awarded the Order of the British Empire and in 1990 he was elected to the Royal Academy. ⇒ Tate Online | Flowers Gallery | Boundary Gallery

David Hockney … Ron's tutor at Manchester

David Hockney studied at Bradford School of Art from 1953 to 1957 and the Royal College of Art from 1959 until 1962. He was awarded the Royal College of Art gold medal in 1962 in recognition of his mastery as a draughtsman and his innovative paintings. ⇒ | Royal Academy of Arts | National Portrait Gallery

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