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Ron Sims: Links

Allen Jones … Ron's tutor at Manchester

Allen Jones was one of a group of students which included Derek Boshier, David Hockney, R. B. Kitaj and Peter Phillips, who radically changed the face of British art with their precocious, unconventional and irreverent work which was based in popular culture, embracing new subject-matter and new materials. ⇒ Cass Sculpture Foundation | Tate Online | Royal Academy of Arts

Edward Middleditch … Ron's tutor at Colchester

Edward Middleditch established himself in the mid 1950s as one of the most powerful young painters and draughtsmen in Britain. Initially associated with the kitchen sink painters - John Bratby, Derrick Greaves and Jack Smith, his work concentrates principally on the elements, from the weight of a massive hillside to the lightness of sun dancing on water or darting through foliage. ⇒ James Hyman Gallery | Tate Online

John Nash … Ron's tutor at Colchester

John Nash, on the advice of his brother (and fellow artist) Paul Nash, avoided art school for fear that any formal art training would destroy "the special thing" that he possessed. In the First World War, he was employed by the Ministry of Munitions from February to August 1916, before working his way through the ranks of the Artists' Rifles in France. In April 1918, following vigorous canvassing by his brother Paul, he was appointed as an official war artist under the Ministry of Information Scheme. ⇒ Imperial War Museum | Tate Online

Eduardo Paolozzi … Ron's tutor at Colchester

Eduardo Paolozzi came to international prominence soon after the second world war. Chiefly a sculptor (and one of the first to react against the all-pervading influence of Henry Moore), he was also a highly original printmaker some of whose collage-based silkscreened images are among the finest examples of pop art - the style he was instrumental in shaping. ⇒ The Independent Group | Tate Online | The Guardian - Obituary

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