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Ron Sims: Links

William Scott … Ron's tutor at RAS

A British painter of international reknown Scott's career spanned six decades. Throughout his career, the themes of still-life, landscape and the female nude recur in Scott's work. Although there are phases where his paintings could be called non-objective, more often they explore the space between abstraction and figuration. ⇒ | Tate Online

Humphrey Spender … Ron's tutor at Colchester

Humphrey Spender was a pioneer of the documentary photography style that suited the Mass-Observation methods of gathering information. His photographic work reflects an ethos, long since abandoned by the popular press, that ordinary people are of interest to ordinary people.

Spender found the experience of taking documentary photos particularly stressful and disliked the intrusiveness of his work. After the Second World War these anxieties persuaded him to all but abandon photography in favour of painting and textile design. ⇒ Bolton Museum | The Guardian - Obituary

William Townsend … Ron's tutor at RAS

William Townsend was celebrated as a painter and chronicler of his times. His landscapes hold a central place in the British art world of the mid twentieth century. ⇒ Tate Online | James Hyman Gallery

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